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Today I'll be

23 March:

Silhouette design.


Anthuriums in water filled glasses

you are you,

Roll the green Anthurium foliage into tubes

that is truer than true.

Fill the water to different levels

There is no one alive

Today I'll be Floral Art Design

who is youer than you."

From Happy Birthday to You! a 1959 children's book by Dr. Seuss.

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23 March 2013 Rolling leaf tubes

Roll foliage to create tubes

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14 October 2015 What a find!

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11 November 2015 Balancing Act

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31 May 2017 Let's hang out

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28 June 2017 Somewhere in the Middle

Skewer Dracaena leaves into a roll that supports a tiny water source for the Oncidium orchids

11 April 2018 Follow the line

Stack a few glass containers and fill each with water to a different level.

22 May 2019 Putting your own spin on it

I would definitely describe my own personal style as minimalist classic... but with an edgy twist.

10 July 2019 These are my favourite summer things:

A submerged design... perfect for summertime designing... and enjoying!

6 January 2021 I tip my (flower) cap!

An enclosed design that invites the onlooker to lean in closer to explore the pretty orchid.