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Wax Disk

Melt a small amount of wax.

Float wax

Remove the wax pot from heat, set a spoon resting in the bottom of the wax and set aside to cool. When the bottom of the pot is lined with cloudy wax place it back on a heat source for a few seconds. Just the underside should melt. The moment you see liquid in the bottom, remove the wax pot from the heat source. Lift the wax out with the spoon. Remove the spoon and slightly shape the disk in a curve.

Place the disk on a fishbowl vase and design

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19 March 2011 Melting Wax for Floral Art

For Floral Art the temperature of the wax rarely exceeds the minimum melting point.

18 March 2011 The Floral Hourglass Wax Foundation

Pour a foundation from cardboard and wax

14 March 2011 Making a Wax bowl using a mould

Dip shapes into wax to create a bowl

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