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Butterfly Net

You can also make larger versions of these nets. They are great to fill with small snacks or gifts for children to open on a beach picnic

Butterfly net

You will need wire, a short stick, twig, dowel or bamboo and net. You can use any kind of net depending on the look you want for your butterfly net- from bridal tulle to recycling vegetable packaging.

Butterfly net-wire stick and net

Cut the net and tie one side with a knot or a short section of wire

Butterfly net- wire net

Bend the wire into a spiral. Thread the net onto the wire.

Butterfly net- tie down

When you have a loop with both sides meeting cut the wire short and secure to the bamboo with pliers.

Butterfly net- wrap

Wrap raffia, string or ribbon around the wire.

Butterfly net- done

Decorate the net.

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