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Birch wood coffee stir sticks fan

Making the fan- drill holes in the coffee stir sticks

Drill tiny holes into 18 Birch wood coffee stir sticks. Go slow- the wood splits easily. I use a Styrofoam base to cushion the sticks.

Making the fan- insert wooden skewers as spacers

Insert wooden skewers into the holes as spacers. Leave the bottom last hole empty for the pivot skewer

Making the fan- measure the space between the slats

I used two skewers to measure the space between the slats. Glue each skewer into position with wood glue.

Making the fan- cut the spacers flush

Cut the spacer-skewers flush with the wood slats

Making the fan- file the wood smooth

File the wood smooth. I used my nail file from my tool bag because it is so delicate, but you can also use sanding paper wrapped around a skewer.

Making the fan- finish the end pieces

Cut 9 rounded tips and glue it in, to neatly finish the top edges of the fan

Side wiew of the fan to show the open spaces between the slats

To create the pivot: Press a skewer through the last hole of all the slats. Wiggle the skewer almost all the way through and cut shorter. Do not glue all the slats. Add just a dot of glue to the front and back so that the skewer does not slip out. You can also use a wire loop or ribbon but I wanted my fan to be all wood.

Assemble the woonden slats to fan out

Open the slats to fan out

Stain the wood brown with strong coffee

Brew a strong cup of coffee and use the coffee grounds to stain the wood. You can also use any water based paint.

See the Tutorial below on more detailed instructions on how to stain wood using natural juices and spices

Glue in the twigs and flowers

Glue in a few twigs to extend from the space between the slats and add the flowers

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21 September 2011 Weaving with tufts of grass

The fine sections of grass are securely woven and interwoven and resting on the wooden slats. It looks very fragile but is secure enough to use.

21 September 2011 Inserting leaves into slim slats

Guide the fall leaves into the slats with the long length of a needle

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