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Tillandsia - Air plants


Succulent and Air Plant Boutonniere design for my video:Getting Creative with Boutstix Magnet Stix: Succulent and Air Plant Boutonniere

Common name

Air plants


Central to South America, Mexico, North America and Southern United States of America


There are about 540 species that belong to the Bromeliad family (Bromeliaceae)


Light hairy green but can change colour when flowering

Vase life

Will continue to grow and produce pups if used as a plant and the leaves will last as long as succulents if separated in a design



Popular as terrarium designs and also dramatic contemporary bridal work. Glue or wire the plant directly into the design either as a leaf, plant or group them to create greater visual value


Remove the plants from the design and soak for a few hours 2 times a week. Let the water drain away before designing. You can also mount the plant onto something that can be submerged in water so that you do not need to remove it when hydrating. Do not design in water or a water retaining medium such as moss.

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