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Senecio Rowleanus  - String of Beads, String of Pearls

Senecio Rowleanus

Succulent and Air Plant Boutonniere design for my video:Getting Creative with Boutstix Magnet Stix: Succulent and Air Plant Boutonniere

Common name

String of Beads, String of Pearls


South West Africa



The succulent and fleshy leaves vary from blue green to greyish green to a yellow green and the flowers are pale to clear white

Vase life

Long lasting. Stem cuttings will eventually develop roots and can be replanted.


The flowers are sweetly and fragrant, similar to cinnamon


The plant is mainly grown for its foliage as an ornamental plant in hanging baskets or ground-cover. It is also popular in contemporary designs as you would use a string of beads


Cut the stems and use as you would succulents. They are, however poisonous and you should take care when handling the plants.

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