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Gloriosa - Glory or Flame lilies, Fire lily, Superb lily, Climbing lily, and Creeping lily


Gloriosa flowers used in my The Space Between design

Common name

Glory or Flame lilies, Fire lily, Superb lily, Climbing lily, and Creeping lily


Southern Africa and Asia



Yellow, Green, Orange, red and bi-coloured

Vase life

Up to two weeks




As cut flowers they are usually sold either as "short stems" (10 15 cm long) and is great to use in bridal designs or centerpieces or sold as vines, which are branched and trailing stems great to add movement to a design


The short stemmed flowers are shipped in air filled bags to protect the fragile flowers. Remove the flowers from the plastic bags, give the stem a fresh cut and condition in flower food for lilies. If the flowers look as if they are stressed and starting to wilt float them in water overnight to perk the flowers up.

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