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Oncidium orchid


Oncidium orchid in a grass armature


Yellow and blue contrast


Yellow Oncidium orchid


Orchid and grass vase


inspired by “Golden Years” David Bowie

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20 May 2015 Grass Bundle

A grass bundle floral armature

20 May 2015 Hairpin wire to balance a thin bundle of grass on a vase

Create a support for a bundle of grass balanced on a narrow necked vase

25 August 2011 Placing orchids in test tubes

Cut the Phalaenopsis orchid with a bit of green stem attached. This will make them last longer.

15 April 2015 Stretching leaves and foliage into a ringlet curl

Most leaves and foliage can be slightly manipulated to curve or curl.

4 January 2011 Drinking straw "test tubes"

When you need to keep a tiny stem hydrated this is just what you need.

Favourite Flowers


Dancing lady

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11 November 2015 Balancing Act

Bend dried fall leaves to balance on the edge of a glass container

28 June 2017 Somewhere in the Middle

Skewer Dracaena leaves into a roll that supports a tiny water source for the Oncidium orchids