My Creative Workbook

Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman


17 July 2013 Once, twice, thrice

Bend a few stir sticks to cover with wool to make a few floral bracelets

10 July 2013 Pink

Weave an invisible grid to float the plant material on

3 July 2013 Of trust… and belief… and stars…

Weave and wrap and twirl and knot a summer floral nest

26 June 2013 All it needed

Clean, simple and restrained elegance: a single jasmine stem in a wine glass. All it needed was just a few extra blades of grass to tie it all together. And wings, of course!

19 June 2013 This Moment

Create an armature design outside the vase

12 June 2013 Watching that lazy town bee

Spiral curl tiny bees to zoom around fragrant peonies

5 June 2013 Just not Flowers!

My article and woven ring-box design featured in the DIY Wedding Magazine

29 May 2013 The day came

Weave a tiny rattan basket

22 May 2013 Avoiding Decision Fatigue

This is my article that I wrote for the Bridal Design Issue of Canadian Florist Magazine

16 May 2013 Natural, naturally

Weave a armature to rest a lily on

8 May 2013 So happy together

Glue a sisal bubble for a few delicate flowers to rest in

1 May 2013 An invisible line to cross

Weave a strip to slip around a candle