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Blown Away

Kyogi paper was historically used in Japan to wrap food - all natural, keeps the food from drying out, adds a subtle flavour and it can be composted to return to the crop-soil-cycle! It is pine (or cedar) wood that is shaved so thin it's almost transparent. It can be wrapped, rolled, cut, stained, torn and easily glued.
This was a Floral Trends Design Group Assignment arrangement

Floral Art Design: Blown Away seen from the front

It is also extremely light weight and can easily be Blown Away and thrashed into a tangle of curls.

Floral Art Design:Blown Away

Blown Away Design

Blown Away Kyogi curls detail

To stay with the Japanese theme I placed Phalaenopsis Orchids scattered like blossoms blowing in the wind.

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11 July 2011 Paper Foundation for Kyogi paper wood curls

Gently curl and tuck strips of Kyogi paper to form a tangle of curls and scatter a few orchids to create the impression that a gust of wind just blew it that way

21 July 2011 Weaving a bird

I wove my bird from shaved wood but you can also use flax, coconut palm (more traditional) or paper or ribbon

21 July 2011 Weaving a fan basket

Dark and dramatic burgundy lilies are tucked in low to line a fan shaped basket that unravels into an unruly nest

Favourite Flowers


Phalaenopsis, Moth orchid

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21 July 2011 Tradition and Technique, Technique and Tradition

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