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Create a flat base to glue small florets securely

If you try to glue tiny items, such as the Echeveria florets and leaves, on to a wire loop you might find that not all the surfaces make full contact. Your design will not be secure and wobble or fall from the wire.

Supplies for decorating the ring

Make a small loop the size of your ring to create a flat surface to glue your tiny plant material on. I used Kyogi paper.

Glue flowers onto a flat paper base

The Kyogi paper ring also looks quite nice but will not survive being worn. Snip around the design to remove the plant material as a unit. Glue on to the ring.

Kyogi paper was historically used in Japan to wrap food – all natural, keeps the food from drying out, adds a subtle flavour and it can be composted to return to the crop-soil-cycle! It is pine (or cedar) wood that is shaved so thin it’s almost transparent. It can be wrapped, rolled, cut, stained, torn and easily glued.

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30 August 2011 Removing Oasis Floral Adhesive glue spills

The finish of every design should be flawless. Make sure there are no bits of glue visible in your design by carefully removing all traces of spills.

26 July 2011 Wire Tendrils

Curl the wire at irregular intervals to create a natural wire tendril similar to that of a passion fruit plant

14 January 2011 Beaded wire

Thread thin wire with tiny beads

26 July 2011 Copper Wire Ring

Bend and curl a adjustable copper wire ring

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