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Assembling a Mobile on a twig top bar

Easy twig mobile top bar

I used rustic wire to bend a hook for the mobile top bar. Balance the twig on one finger to see where the hook should be.

Add a dab of glue to neaten the rustic wire tips

Add a few drops of glue make sure the ends of the wire remains neat.

Position the pieces on a cardboard in the order that you want to hang it.

Draw a few connecting lines between the pieces

Draw a few connecting lines from the bells to the twigs where the string should be.

Suspending a Mobile on a twig top bar

Start to string the pieces together. Find the balance point of each piece and make a hole or loop the string there. Connect the bottom pieces to the ones above them, find the balance point on that piece and connect it to the piece above it. Continue working your way up.

Stringing the Earthly Angel Halo

Lastly, connect the highest hanging pieces to the body and the top bar and adjust to create perfect balance. Hang the design and test all the moving parts. Adjust or add strings if necessary.

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23 November 2011 Twig and glue Angel

Cut short sections of twigs to glue into an Angel shape

18 March 2011 Patina Copper

The colour and the effect will vary due to application, temperature and humidity.

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