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Frightis Botrytis!

Halloween 2012

Frightis Botrytis Floral Art Design.

It’s the Lord Voldemort to our Harry Potter...

Weave a Midelino cane coil harvest basket.

The Sith to our Jedi...

Midelino cane coil harvest basket to display ghost pumpkins.

Captain Hook to our Peter Pan...

Holly and ghost pumpkin basket.jpg

The Sheriff of Nottingham to our Robin Hood...

Frightful woolly botrytis.

Plankton to our SpongeBob SquarePants...

Ghost pumpkin basket for Halloween.

And the Wil Wheaton to our Sheldon Cooper (M.A., Ph.D, Sc.D)...

Botrytis is the arch nemesis of flower lovers everywhere.

Oh yes, Botrytis- the arch nemesis of floral designers everywhere

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30 October 2012 Fighting Botrytis

If drops of water gets sprayed onto cut flower heads (like here on these Pasque Flower seed heads) it can get trapped deep between the petals and create the ideal environment for...

30 October 2012 Midelino Harvest Moon Basket

This is a great flat and open basket to take outside when “harvesting” your fall leaves, pods and flowers. Who knows, you might even find a ghost pumpkin or three…

30 October 2012 Wire spider legs for tiny glass test tubes

Give small test tubes long legs to stand on

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15 June 2016 One tug

Weave willow bark strips into a nest and weave a bird from flax

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