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Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman

Oasis Receptacle

Oasis floral foam is a wonderful sculpting medium. It carves and sands smooth easily and can be re-used as long as you do not actually use it as a water source.

Making the Touchstone bowl

For my touchstone vase I carved the basic shape out of a block of Oasis. I hollowed the shape out to be able to double line it with strong plastic making it water proof. Cut the plastic just below the rim of the Oasis shape

Carved Oasis Receptacle for floral art design

I placed a Kenzan into the container and filled it with water to keep my flowers hydrated. The leftover bits of Oasis are carved and sanded into smaller pebbles to cover the Kenzan.

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19 February 2011 Pebbles

Cut and smooth pebbles out of Rainbow Oasis

1 June 2011 Lining containers to make them waterproof

If you use Papier Mache, terracotta or clay or any precious container that might scratch, rust, or discolour or disintegrate when it's in prolonged contact with water it is best...

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24 August 2011 Touchstone

A Touchstone is something or even someone that you can rely on to evaluate the strength or worth of an idea or concept.