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BoutStix Floral Magnets as stabilizing weight for light accessories

BoutStix Floral Magnets as stabilizing weight.

Corsage magnets are comfortably heavy for their size and makes an ideal weight to stabilize tiny accessories in a design. Just the added bit of weight makes the tiny objects settle into place.

I like using the BoutStix Floral Magnet because of the green stick the magnet is encased into, it creates a flat surface for the glue to adhere to.

Using a corsage magnet to add accessories to a design.

Because the butterfly now has a strong and secure magnet it can also be attached to any metal surface

Place the smaller magnet behind the cardboard and bark log.

or separate the magnets and slip one half under the surface you want to attach the butterfly to

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5 January 2011 Palm leaf Hopper-flies (grasshoppers and butterflies)

Weave grasshoppers or butterflies (or fireflies) from palm leaves

16 November 2011 Making the waist corsage using the BoutStix Floral Magnets

The BoutStix Floral Magnets “stick” is the backbone of the design, strengthening the narrow heart shape and adding support and balance.

29 March 2012 Use a BoutStix Floral Magnet to hang test tubes

This is a fast and easy way to hang test tubes in a design

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