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Strelitzia - Crane Flower, Bird of Paradise, Birds, Strelitzia


Detail from my Prickly design

Common name

Crane Flower, Bird of Paradise, Birds, Strelitzia


South Africa


There are a few varieties available including the African desert banana, White Giant bird of paradise, Mountain Strelitzia, hybrid Crane lily and the spectacular purple, blue and creamy white Strelitzia nicolai


Mostly yellow to orange with blue but you also find white and blue flowers

Vase life

One to two weeks


Sweet necter


Great for large and dramatic designs. It is such a statement on it's own that I do not like to over crowd the spectacular flowers.


Purchase the flowers in tight spathe. (see my Tutorial below for more information on opening the flowers) Give the flower a cut at a sharp angle to expose as much stem surface as possible to the water and hydrate in a mixture of warm water and flower food. Do not hammer or crush the stems. Do not expose the flowers to cold. If you are using floral foam as a mechanic make sure you place the foam in a sturdy wire cage (made from mesh). The stems are strong and heavy and need the extra support. You can also use bamboo, dowel sticks or reeds to anchor the heavy stems in a design. Some designers use leaf-shine or oil to enhance the colour of the spathe

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