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Ranunculus - Buttercup, Persian buttercup, water crowfoots, spearworts, Coyote’s eyes


Persian buttercups tucked in low in my On the first warm day in May design

Common name

Buttercup, Persian buttercup, water crowfoots, spearworts, Coyote’s eyes


Iran to the Eastern Mediterranean


There are over 600 species available but as cut flowers buttercups are usually sold by colour rather than by species.


Yellow, orange but also pastels including pink, lime, apricot to bright reds and chocolate brown. Also spotted and speckled.

Vase life

One to two weeks.




Popular in bridal work because of the large range of colours.


Remove any foliage that will fall below the conditioning water line. Give each stem a fresh cut and condition thoroughly in water with dissolved flower food. Design in water. Change the water regularly and rinse the stems before placing it back in the fresh water to avoid contamination.

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