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Watching that lazy town bee

Watching that lazy town bee floral art design

"Oh, the jobs people work at!

Spiral curl rattan to make tiny bees

Out west near Hawtch-Hawtch there's a Hawtch-Hawtcher bee watcher, his job is to watch. Is to keep both his eyes on the lazy town bee, a bee that is watched will work harder you see.

Rattan bees zoom around fragrant pink peonies

So he watched and he watched, but in spite of his watch that bee didn't work any harder, not mawtch

Rattan and skeleton leaf bee

So then somebody said "Our old bee-watching man just isn't bee watching as hard as he can, he ought to be watched by another Hawtch-Hawtcher. The thing that we need is a bee-watcher-watcher!"

Three pink peonies

Well, the bee-watcher-watcher watched the bee-watcher. He didn't watch well so another Hawtch-Hawtcher had to come in as a watch-watcher-watcher!

Spiral curl rattan bee

And now all the Hawtchers who live in Hawtch-Hawtch are watching on watch watcher watchering watch, watch watching the watcher who's watching that bee.

Rattan and peony flower arrangement.

You're not a Hawtch-Watcher you're lucky you see!"

From Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? by Dr.Seuss

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12 June 2013 Spiral rattan and skeleton leaf bee

Spiral curl and knot a rattan bee

22 September 2012 Skeleton Leaves

Remove the pulp from leaves so that only the vain framework remain

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