My Creative Workbook

Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman

Toronto Flower Show at Canada Blooms 2016

My design was inspired by a bubbling glass of Sparkling Wine. But I wanted it to look light and suspended in the moment. I researched aquarium designs and made 9 tubes powered by a small battery to add a constant stream of bubbles between my flowers. Each bubble tube is controlled with a tiny tap to open or close for moreā€¦ or less bubbles to add dimension.

As plant material I used 140 meters of Tillandsia Usneoides that I wove into garlands with about three strands running up the length of a garland. I also used willow tips manipulated into tendrils and I suspended a total of 120 white Phalaenopsis orchids from 160 meters of beaded wire and fishing line. Each tiny stem was placed in a water filled glass seahorse to keep it hydrated.

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