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Using Oasis to weigh down an underwater garland

Soak the Rainbow Oasis thoroughly before attaching the wire and roses. It is the heavy Oasis that sinks the design and keeps the flowers under water.

A work of heart floral art design

I made one long (and rather soggy) garland of wire, Oasis and roses. I then gently spiraled the garland into the water filled vase curling it form the bottom up, while pressing it down into the vase.

Be very careful when handling the roses as they bruise easily when arranged under water. They will also not last very long soaked but roses are such a traditional Valentine’s flower that I could not resist.

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11 February 2011 Rainbow Oasis Hearts

Cut heart shapes out of Rainbow Oasis

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11 February 2011 A Work of Heart

Carving hearts out of Rainbow Oasis to create an under water design