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Papaver - Poppy with poppy seed heads


When Autumn Fall Composite leaf rose with Poppy seed heads

Common name

Poppy with poppy seed heads


Europe to Asia


More than fifty species from the Arctic or Icelandic poppy to the opium poppy. The round lollipop shaped poppy seed heads (seed pods) are also popular in the cut flower industry.


red, white, yellow, orange, pink, burgundy and an ink blue

Vase life

Poppy stems are weak and will only last between four to six days.


floral fragrance


The red poppy is associated with war remembrance and often worn as buttonhole in November. The seed heads are very popular in contemporary designs


Singe the stems over a flame to caramelize and seal the stems preventing the milky sap from contaminating water. Seed heads lasts much longer because the stems are better developed by the time the seed head is formed. No need to singe the stem if you use a seed head in a design. Both the green seed head and the contorted seed head will last up to four weeks in water and will dry to a brown shape. Place the stems in shallow water to keep the stems in good condition.

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