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Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman

Tiny Note books

I made these note books to hand out at my Mud!!! demonstration
where does mud come from?
from dancing in the rain
dancing and singing and splashing in the rain- that's how you get great mud
so, next time it rains and rains and rains...
get out there
and make some MUD!!!

Mud booklet

The spine of the booklet was made in the same way as the serviette rings. Finish the ring design. Press the loop flat to create a sleeve. Staple the booklet together and glue to the flat cardboard sleeve.

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21 March 2011 Serviette rings

Create a serviette ring from fall leaves, acorns, wire and tissue paper

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23 March 2011 Mud Pies for my flower friends on my birthday

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