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Relaxing Lavender Salt Spa Bath

This smells wonderful! I especially love crushing the flowers into the salt.

Lavender bath salt

Measure out 4 cups of coarse sea salt. Mix in dried lavender blossoms, crushed.

Lavender bath salt

Pour into a jar or bag and decorate.

Lavender bunches

For the gift bags I also made up tiny lavender bunches decorated with Aluminum wire spirals

To use: Scoop out a large handful of salt per bath. You can also spoon the mixture into spice sachets as I did for my Cardboard mushroom filled with tub-teas to keep the lavender blossoms from floating on your bath water. I made the cardboard mushrooms for all the members of The Floral Trends Design Group who attended my “2010″ demonstration

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15 January 2010 Cardboard mushrooms filled with Lavender Tub-Tea

Cardboard mushrooms filled with Lavender Tub-Tea made for my "2010" demonstration