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Making wire roots for the "fabric" at the back of the design

Root and orchid fabric for my Zipper Design

I wanted a delicate, yet rough "fabric" to back my edgy Zipper. Something that will stand up to the thorns and rose twigs (used in the Zipper part of the design) but not over power them. It definitely had to be made of predominantly plant material: I chose miniature rose plant roots and copper bullion wire. I soaked the roots in water and cut tiny clumps that can easily be attached to the wire.

Wire roots

I made the copper roots out of bullion wire. Each strand is then lightly covered with miniature rose bush roots. I used wood glue to secure the roots to the wire

Wire the wire to a wire frame

To create the sloping shape of the root "fabric" I wrapped the copper roots onto a shaped wire frame.

Roots for the fabric part of Zipper

Next I secured miniature rose plant roots to follow the horizontal direction of the copper roots and placed the orchids into the design

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