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Corsage Magnets

Most contemporary corsages and boutonnieres are now fixed with magnets and no longer pins that could damage fabric.

Attach the corsage magnets to the Kyogi paper corsage

Flip the design over so that the front faces down

Glue the magnet between the leaves

Glue the one half of the magnet to the middle of a strawberry leaf and then glue that to the heart shape. Cover the magnet with a second strawberry leaf to conceal. Glue the entire leaf to the first leaf.

Seperate the magnet with a third leaf

I like to separate the glued magnet side from the loose magnet with a third strawberry leaf. This way you can lift the third leaf to remove the second magnet when you "pin" it onto your lapel without ripping the corsage.

To wear:

Strawberry and Kyogi paper Corsage

Pull the unglued strawberry leaf to remove the magnet of the back of the corsage. Place the magnet under the lapel at the preferred place. Place the corsage over it in the front of the lapel.

Using magnets to fix corsages into place opens up many possibilities- fix flowers to shoes, bags, belts, parasols, fans, curtains and furniture without any damage associated with pins.
Note: Magnets interfere with medical implants and electronic devices such as cell phones and credit cards- ask me how I know this!

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