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Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman

Workshop: Floral craftsmanship for Flower Arrangers

Intermediate level Workshops for designers with some training and experience.

Workshop 1

With each workshop we build on design skills and learn more about floral craftsmanship. At the end of the workshop the designers will also have a portfolio of work to showcase their new design skills.

Here are examples of the work done by flower student Cherry, who attended the six workshops.

Floral design student Cherry conditioning class

In our 1st class we discussed conditioning, buying and harvesting flowers and recapped on the art of design work

Floral Design student Cherry contemporary flower arranging mechanics class

In our 2nd class we looked at mechanics and the elements and principles of design. We also discussed contemporary substitutes for outdated methods and focused on environmentally friendly solutions (similar to the Floral Design skills Workshop)

Floral Design student Cherry Hand tie design

In our 3rd class we discussed cost effective ways we can dress up our flowers and elegant hand-tied arrangements.

Student image Cherry function design

In our 4th class we looked at function work. Wreaths, swags, garlands and how to add personal detail to your work

Floral Design student Cherry wire and tape class

Class 5 was all about wiring and taping. First, we made a boutonniere, then added a few flowers to turn it into a corsage and turned that into a wired bouquet.

Floral Design student Cherry floriography class

Our last lesson was about contemporary gift hampers and floriography. We also touched on emotional design and the meaning of flowers

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