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Oh, What Twisted Tales We Weave

Floral Trends Design Group Competition Design

The design is woven from bark wire, dodder, lime green alluminium wire, ribbon and deep burgundy roses all twisted and woven together to form a long tail shape.

What twisted tales we weave

What Twisted Tales We Weave design

Floral Art Competition What Twisted Tales We Weave design

Detail of my Oh, What Twisted Tales We Weave design

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29 January 2011 Brick on a stick

Create simple but effective stands for Floral Art

1 March 2011 Paper covered Wire

Cover the wire with the raffia

13 October 2011 Prevent teeth marks on soft wire when you bend it with pliers

Even long nose pliers without grooves still damage soft aluminum wire. Pad the pliers with a plaster.

11 February 2011 Rainbow Oasis Hearts

Cut heart shapes out of Rainbow Oasis

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